Welcome to Dramatic Radio!

Hey OTR fans!  While the cold cruel winter is a not so distant memory we are still affected by the after effects. The traditional way to listen (Our Shoutcast stream) is still not operational.  The power problems that plague our location has been an issue which has not gone away.  I plan to add additional shows to the Live365 stream in the meantime.  Within the next month we will be moving yet again to a new geographic location…  Keep your fingers crossed they don’t have the same issues as the current place we house our server.  Stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

Please visit our Listen Now page to start playing OTR on your device.

Of course you can still head over to Live365 to play the station if you prefer using the below link:


While we were sure of the intergrity of the shows we present we still need your help with quality control.  Becuase we recently moved everything to a new server we did not have the time to listen to every single episode that was encoded again for the station.  If you notice a show cuts off early or is missing a portion please drop us a line at knronline@hotmail.com to let us know.  Thanks!